How to Cope with the Wait

Everyone hoping to build their family through adoption has one thing on their mind and it is typically the first question I hear asked ‘How long is the wait?’

The wait….

It can be long. It can be painful. It will probably be the least fun you will ever have: The constant email checking, website updating, and unintentional clock watching waiting for an expectant woman to potentially consider you as a parent for her child.

Basically, it is zero fun.

Here is what Chris and I do to cope with the wait.

  • Start a new project.
  • Plan small weekend or day trips.
  • Shopping. I have never been to a sale that didn’t make me smile. 🙂
  • Start a new hobby. Chris started brewing beer when we were waiting for our first son’s birth parents to find us.
  • Run a marathon or 6. We run. We didn’t run marathons until after we started our adoption journey. It helps. You can control the number of miles you run: When there is so much you can not control while waiting for what seems impossible. Run away or in circles literally. You will sleep better.

If you also like running or don’t like running and want to see us run, come to the Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon June 5th. We are running to raise awareness for birth mothers everywhere and open adoption.