How to Make an Adoption Profile Book

After you decide to build your family through adoption, you are faced with seemingly endless paperwork, more doctor visits, finger printing, education classes, social worker visits, and the profile book.

The Book: It’s the first impression; a tool used for expectant parents to chose a family. No pressure. Just all of your hopes and dreams of becoming a parent. No pressure 🙂

Personally, I searched the internet for help when we were making our first book. I found a lot about being yourself. (Definitely be yourself) Everytime I saw a book, I either wanted to be them or I was glad I wasn’t them. I did find this which helped for what ever reason.

Here is how we put our book together:

  1. State your intention. For us this is similar to our letter or like the back cover of any book. Say why you are making this book.
  2. Start from the beginning. We take that as how we met/when we got married.
  3. Introduce yourselves. I realize that may be out of order but this is how it made the most sense to us.
  4. Decide what traditions you’ll have and who plays a large role in your life. Talk about that and why.
  5. Tell where you live. We talk about our house and our community.
  6. Tell personal favorite fun facts. Even though making this book is really stressful, after all of the hard parts are finished, it is really neat to see your life on paper with pictures. So by the end, I usually want to keep talking about myself and make sure I get everything out.
  7. Have a closing. We use the last page to reiterate who we are and that we are ready to love them and their child.
  8. Make an extra copy. You poured your whole heart into this book. Be proud of it. I know it was hard. Congratulations on completing another step!

One more thing: We use Shutterfly to print and create our books. They are kind of expensive and have the slowest shipping ever. The positive is that the program is very simple to use and they have templates with colors and decor built in.



  • This is the majority of our book. Some things have been removed for privacy.
  • Please do not use our words or copy this book in anyway. The intention is to help other families find a starting point and inspiration.
  • If you would like more details about our book, email me directly. chrischelse at gmail dot com


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