13.1 Miles and a Thunderstorm

Last week, I shared about how Chris and I run to pass the time when we are in the pool waiting to build our family.  On Saturday, we ran our 5th 1/2 marathon together!

It was a very long 13.1 miles for me. It also thunderstormed: The type of thunderstorm with thunder that vibrates the ground and lightning. When the sky opened up, we were in a very tree lined area of the run. Where is the best place to be in a thunderstorm? Under a tree? No! Ironically, the very first 1/2 marathon we ran in 2013 we were lucky enough to run 12 of the 13.1 in a thunderstorm which also had hail.   Rain soaked and all with one step at a time, we made it to the finish line. (The one step at a time deal was me. Chris had a great race. I was grinding my teeth the entire way which I didn’t think was possible.)

A runner must run with dreams in his heart.

Emil Zatopek